Server Rules
These are the server rules, broken into categories for easier navigation. Enforcement of these rules are at the discretion of G-Craft staff who hold final decision making authority in all matters.

General Rules

    Any threats against the server integrity, or members of the community (such as DDOS) are completely prohibited
    Charging back any payments to the server store is not allowed
    Ban evasion (using an alt account while banned) is prohibited
    Staff decision is final on all matters. Punishment Appeals are to be written formally on this forum thread

Rules regarding Griefing, Raiding and Building

    Offensive builds, item names or books are not permitted
    Schematica/Printer mode is allowed, so long as it is not used in contexts where it gives an unfair advantage (ie: a build competition)
    Locked chests and builds in the wild can only be griefed or raided if you are inactive for over 7 days
    You cannot build within 5 chunks of a town
    All homes/bases within the resource world can be griefed

Chat Rules

    Be respectful to other members of the community
    Keep controversial topics (religion, politics, etc) out of chat
    Do not post non G-Craft links in chat
    Advertisement of any other servers (even without an IP address) is prohibited
    Do not start chat riots
    Do not create offensive nicknames
    Do not use offensive words targetted at other members' race, sexual orientation or beliefs
    Only speak English in global chat, other languages are permitted in non-global chat functions
    Spam is prohibited. This includes using excessive capitals or different fonts

Scam Rules

    Scamming is completely prohibited. Creating and selling fake items to other players will result in punishment.
    Do not impersonate any other player/staff member
    TP Killing is not allowed. This includes all commands that result in a player's teleportation (ie: /tpa, /rtp, /home, /t spawn, /tpahere, etc). You must wait a minimum of 30 minutes after teleporting in any capacity (excluding /warp pvp) before killing another player. In cases of uncertainty, Staff may ask you to return any items you have acquired, which you are obliged to do. If you are combat tagged after teleporting or after someone teleports to you, allow yourself to be killed and alert Staff immediately, this way there is a clear verdict as to who began the fight.
    Do not lure players into kill zones.

Mods & Clients

    If a client/modification gives you an unfair advantage, do not use it.
    For example, a Hacked Client such as Wurst gives you an unfair advantage by offering hacks such as XRAY, KillAura or Fly.
    On the other hand, a mod such as Optifine does not give you an unfair advantage.
    Use your common sense, odds are that if you are weary that a client is not allowed, it is not.
    It is up to Staff's discretion as to which clients offer an unfair advantage, not your own.
    Macros/Auto clickers are considered an unfair advantage and are thus prohibited.

Discord Rules

    Spamming channels is not allowed
    Discrimination and bigotry via voice or text channel is prohibited
    If you require Staff, do not tag individual roles, tag the @Staff role.
    Use the ticket system for server suggestions, bug reports, player reports or store issues
    Do not post NSFW images, videos or links
    Do not play irratating sounds in voice channels.
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