Getting Started

First day on G-Craft? This is everything you need to know.
This guide is intended to get you through your first hour or so on the server, but before you log in, you should really take a look at The Rules.

Joining or Creating a Town

We have a lot of in-depth information on Towny, but as a new player, you'll want likely find yourself in one of three schools of thought. You'll either want to join a town, create a town, or just go out into the wilderness and survive like you normally would until you feel up to exploring the whole 'town' concept a little later on. Below are some useful commands to help get you started with towns based on whichever option you like best:
Join a town
Create a town
/needtown -- This command will help find you a town to join.
/accept (town name) -- This command accept an invitation to join a town.
/town new (town name) -- Creates a new town with you as the mayor.
/town (town name) -- displays town information (# of residents, upkeep cost, etc)
One quick not of significance: Creating a new town comes with an associated cost (all in-game money, of course). There is both a cost for creating the town and a day-to-day operating cost. You can learn more about these town
Once you're settled into a town or you've decided to rough it out in the wilds, you should make sure you set your home location so you can always find your way back. Use these commands to more confidently navigate the world:
Set a Home
Go Home
Delete a Home
/sethome (homename)
/home (homename)
/delhome (homename)
The number of available homes you can set differs based on Player Ranks.

The Resource World

Before you start building on your new home, you'll probably have to clear some land and gather some building materials. While you're certainly welcome to do that in the main game world, you may find some resources a bit scarce - because of this, we offer a regularly resetting Resource World! This can be accessed one of two ways. By visiting /spawn and talking to the Resource World NPC, or via the command below.
/rtp world resource2


G-Craft supports /jobs! This wonderful little plugin gives you free money for doing stuff you were likely to do anyway! Things like chopping wood, mining, building, digging, and killing mobs! There's a lot more information to be found on the Jobs page of this wiki, but here are some basic things to know:
You can join up to three jobs at a time by default (there are extra job tokens out there, but that's not for this guide!) and as each job improves in level, you will earn more money for those jobs. But be warned! If you swap jobs back and forth (leave one job to join another) your experience in the job you're leaving will be lost! This means that if you rejoin that job later, you've gotta start the grind all over again!
To get started with jobs, use the following command to summon the GUI (Graphical User Interface):
/jobs browse

Useful Commands!

Randomly (and safely) teleport you within your current world.
/tpa (playername)
Request teleportation to a selected player.
/tpahere (playername)
Request selected player to teleport to you.
Accept latest teleportation request.
Return to World Spawn (lots of super useful information here).
/t spawn (townname)
Go to a given town's spawn location. If no town name is given, it will take you to whatever town (if any) you are a member of.
/msg (playername)
Sends a private message to selected player.
Replies to most recent private message.
Talk in Local mode (only people in a certain distance can read)
Talk in townchat (only members of your town can read, regardless of distance)
Talk in nationchat (all townsfolk of all cities in your nation can read, regardless of distance)
Talk in general chat (all players on the server, across all worlds, can read your message)
Browse the Server Shop.
Browse the Player Shop.
/sell hand
Sell item in hand (if able) to the server.
/pay (playername) (amount)
Send money to a player.
Display voting links (these help the server and offer lucrative rewards!)
/cr claim
Check to see if you've gotten any crate keys or other rewards you might have missed while AFK!
Check to see if you've earned any free levels towards some McMMO skills.
/redeem (skillname) (#ofCreditsToApply)
Cash out your McMMO credits towards a skill of your choice.
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