G-Craft Wiki

Welcome to the G-Craft Towny Wiki! Here we cover all aspects of the server and give detailed tutorials and guides for everything.

What does the 'G' in G-Craft stand for?

Well...we genuinly do not know! When the first evolution of G-Craft came about a number of years ago, a friend of George suggested it be G-Craft. It wasn't questioned.

Why is there a flying squid?

Squids in minecraft are technically always flying because they are moved by a velocity vector. And because of this, we see the humble flying squid.

How do I spell Benet... No Beenett.. No.. Damn.

Here on the G-Craft Wiki we would like to officially state for the record that the correct spelling of Benet, is in fact, Bennett.

Will we be adding Slimefun?

As it stands, we are currently not looking to add Slimefun in the near future. There is a large varity of reasons behind this decision. Our main reason is due to the increase in lag-creation on the server, and also a number of exploits and over-powered items which would not be within our interests to implement.
Last modified 2yr ago